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  • Add department or designation

    Department or designation basically Biographical Info in the edit user section. When you add any operator give Biographical Info like Sales Department or Technical department etc. Then it will be shown in greetings section.

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  • iLive option panel

    Please go to wp-admin -> settings -> ilive options. Noted that to access options you will need administration role. From here you can change all the background color, text color, border color, background images, background pattern etc for both front end and back end.

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  • Chat history cleanup

    You probably do not want your server full with all the chat message. From now you can set auto cleanup database in each period of time. This feature is turned off by default. Turn on and choose the time interval and save change. Go Settings -> iLive Options -> Database ...

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  • Offline email message

    When operators are offline clients can send you offline message. You need to set an email address for that. Remember that email address must be related to your domain name. Example Email address cannot be from mail clients like gmail, hotmail or yahoo. Go Settings -> iLive Options -> ...

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  • Add Search Question and Answer

    During Chat If any new question comes from the client which answer do not exists in search query database and you want to add this question and answer to the search query database then click the gray ball beside the question and turn it into green and give a detail ...

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  • Add Operator Image:

    If your theme do not have any option to add user image. Here is a great plugin to add image to any user. You can install it from your wp-admin panel plugin section. Just search for "wp-user-avatar" to install. The reason I did not include this feature is ...

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  • Add new operator

    Adding operator is easy. Just add a new user from wp-admin panel but remember to select Role as Operator. Go -> wp-admin -> users -> Add new Then give necessary information and select role as operator

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  • How to install iLive?

    iLive installation very easy. Just install the plugin. iLive will do rest of the work. There is no shortcode or page setup. If you are very new in wordpress then there are lots of video tutorial in youtube on the plugin installation. Just go to youtube and search for ...

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