Frequently Asked Question


How to reduce server load?
You can increase refresh rate to reduce server load. Please go settings -> ilive options -> Refresh Options and increase the value currently it is 5000 (5 seconds, 1 sec = 1000ms);
How to clean up chat history?
You probably do not want your server full with all the chat message. From now you can set auto cleanup database in each period of time. This feature is turned off by default. Turn on and choose the time interval and save change. Please go to Settings -> iLive options -> Database Options then turn on database chat history.
How to add search question and answer?

If any new question comes from the client which answer do not exists in search query database and you want to add this question and answer to the search query database then click the gray ball beside the question and turn it into green and give a detail answer. All the question answer will be saved in search query database. if you choose wrong question just click the green ball again and it will be gray again.

Each operator can add common question and answer manually from the operator dashboard. Just click the add QA and edit QA. The rest of the things is self explanatory.

How to add Operator Image?

If your theme do not have any option to add user image. Here is a great plugin to add image to any user. You can install it from your wp-admin panel plugin section. Just search for "wp-user-avatar" to install.

The reason I did not include this feature is that most of the service based wordpress theme have image upload feature. I did not wanted to make a heavier plugin rather a light one. You can also disable "wp-user-avatar" plugin after uploading the operator images. So that you site become light and run faster.

After installing this plugin just go all users and edit user. You will will find a image upload button at the bottom. You will also find this upload button when add operator.